Developing Your Adaptive Solution with IaaS

March 13, 2020

In an ever globally-connecting world and one that is always “on,” you’ll need the right approach to innovation in order to stay afloat. The behaviors, expectations, and needs of customers are changing, and credit unions must adapt if they want to remain competitive.

A Deloitte report on the global banking outlook for 2020 refers to credit unions as the “trusted custodians of customers’ assets,” which extends far beyond just finances. Your members trust you to protect their sensitive information. As a financial institution within a rapidly-developing and globally connected network, you need to ensure that data will stay safe.

But in order to manage all the moving parts related to software, equipment, data security, server hosting, and more, it can be easy for the focus to shift away from members.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) eliminates the need to set up and manage a data center with flexible management and pricing. With these benefits, you can sleep easy knowing that you’ve covered the areas you need to be protected. 

Innovation is not about solving problems on the fly.

A system that anticipates your needs and provides security can put your credit union in a position to acclimate to developing trends and issues that crop up within the “open banking revolution.”

With Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), you’ll eliminate the need for setting up and managing a data center. Our model means that you only pay for as much as you need, so you’ll be able to harness the services that you absolutely need. 

The IaaS model provides: 

  • Custom, on-demand IT infrastructure 
  • Software upgrades and equipment troubleshooting
  • Self-service, enterprise-grade 
  • Data and application security

This way, you won’t be “over or under-provisioning,” and you’ll be able to optimize your own use of the cloud. With IMS you can pass over the development, disaster recovery, and production, and stay on top of the technology while keeping the primary focus on your members. Let’s talk about your needs. 

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