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Much like a picture is worth a thousand words, we believe praise from clients is worth significantly more than anything we can say about IMS. Here are just a few of the many testimonials we’ve received from happy clients.

“Of the 37 years in the IT profession, I have never had to invoke a DR plan until Hurricane Irma decided to visit the Sunshine state. Being my very first DR invocation, IMS was by our side throughout the whole process. Due to their focus on us, our business and our situation, Tampa Bay Federal felt at ease cutting over our business and allowed us to concentrate on our families. Without the patience and knowledge of the IMS team, I believe the outcome would have been totally the opposite.”

Al Servati

Information Technology Manager, Tampa Bay FCU

“Not too bad to declare a disaster and our biggest loss is the monthly cost we had to pay our DR vendor. We really appreciate all the hard work that has gone into restoring our system and posting the missing transactions. Let it be known that everyone at our credit union knows the IMS name and what you can do for us. Keep up the good work!”

Eric Barnes

VP Technology, Santa Clara County FCU

“I was feeling very stressed and overwhelmed on the day we did a full restore of our database, but the IMS team was able to put me at ease with their confidence, politeness and positive attitude. We always receive the best customer service at all times and you’re always willing to help us when we need you—and that’s exactly how it should be. I can’t communicate how thankful I am for your staff.”

Shanett Hynson

Systems Analyst II, Del-One (Delaware FCU)

“Prior to working with IMS, we used our core system vendor for disaster recovery purposes, but we weren’t satisfied with their service and the technology they used for disaster recovery. We initially were concerned that IMS, being a relatively small company, would not be as reliable as some of the larger DR providers, but they’ve become one of our key business partners. With IMS, we’re confident that we’re using the latest technologies and best practices—and they’ve proved they are dependable and committed to us on a daily basis as well as in times of disaster. I would recommend IMS without hesitation to anyone seeking to work with a knowledgeable, service-oriented company whose staff truly cares about their clients.”

Heather Ebaugh

VP of Information Systems, Del-One (Delaware FCU)

“There’s nothing like being hit by a hurricane to test your disaster recovery provider—and luckily for us, when Hurricane Rita (2005) and Hurricane Ike (2008) struck, IMS was there to assist us. IMS provided exceptional service during both disasters; they were in constant communication with us and worked tirelessly to ensure our member services and back-office functions went virtually uninterrupted. Even better, we found IMS provides remote backup and disaster recovery services for about the same cost as others pay for disaster recovery alone. Additionally, IMS provides a more comprehensive solution than was available from other providers. Our experience with IMS has been extremely positive and I would recommend the company to anyone in need of a quality data backup and disaster recovery solution.”

Jason Summers

Information Systems Manager, DuPont Goodrich FCU

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