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State-of-the-Art Data Threat Analytics for Financial Institutions

Using tools like Rubrik Security Cloud, IMS continuously monitors and remediates data risks including ransomware, sensitive data exposure, and indicators of compromise.

Data Analytics

Your Proactive Cyber Defense: Anomaly Detection for Financial Institutions

Staying one step ahead of potential security breaches is critical. IMS’s Data Threat Analytics service combines the latest machine learning and comprehensive data analysis to offer unmatched detection, monitoring, and hunting capabilities.

Harness the power of machine learning with our Anomaly Detection service to swiftly identify and assess the impact of ransomware and cyber threats.

By detecting unusual file modifications, deletions, and encryption activities, we provide a solid foundation for effective ransomware investigation and recovery planning.

Benefits of Anomaly Detection

  • Immediate Threat Impact Assessment: Identify and assess the scope of cyber threats rapidly to accelerate recovery processes.
  • Strategic Anomaly Identification: Detect unusual behavior and changes indicative of a cyber attack, enabling focused incident response.
  • Detailed Impact Analysis: Understand the full extent of affected files and applications for targeted recovery actions.

Uncover Hidden Threats with Threat Monitoring for Community Banks and Credit Unions

Early threat detection is crucial for maintaining a robust security posture. Our Threat Monitoring service automates the identification of potential security breaches by analyzing backup data with the latest threat intelligence, helping you to preemptively address vulnerabilities.

Proactive Threat Identification

Leverage up-to-date intelligence to detect early signs of compromise.

Automated Backup Analysis

Scan backup environments systematically, ensuring thorough surveillance.

Insightful Threat Analysis

Obtain actionable insights from threat intelligence scans, enhancing security.

Eliminate Malware Risks with Proactive Threat Hunting Tailored for Financial Institutions

Go beyond traditional defenses with our proactive Threat Hunting service. By analyzing historical data for signs of compromise, we help you identify the initial breach points, understand the scope of the attack, and ensure a malware-free recovery environment.



Early Malware Detection

Solutions like Rubrik allow your organization to proactively search for and identify malware across backup data to prevent future reinfection.


Recovery Point Assurance

Pinpoint clean recovery snapshots, ensuring safe restoration free from malware


Full Malware Analysis

Utilize advanced scanning techniques to investigate for any signs of compromise

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