Advanced Data Threat Analytics for Credit Unions & Community Banks

Utilize Rubrik Security Cloud for continuous monitoring and remediation of data risks. Our advanced solutions detect ransomware, protect sensitive data, and identify indicators of compromise, ensuring robust security for credit unions and community banks.

Data Analytics

Proactive Anomaly Detection for Enhanced Data Security

Utilize the Anomaly Detection feature of our backup solution powered by advanced machine learning to quickly identify and assess the impact of ransomware and cyber threats. By pinpointing unusual file modifications, deletions, and encryption activities, we lay a robust foundation for effective ransomware investigation and recovery planning.

Benefits of Anomaly Detection

  • Immediate Threat Impact Assessment: Rapidly identify and assess cyber threats for quick recovery.
  • Strategic Anomaly Identification: Detect unusual behavior indicative of cyber attacks for targeted incident response.
  • Detailed Impact Analysis: Understand the extent of affected files and applications for precise recovery actions.

Comprehensive Threat Monitoring for Credit Unions & Community Banks

Early threat detection is essential for a strong security posture. Our Threat Monitoring solution uses the latest threat intelligence to automate security breach identification. Analyze backup data to proactively address vulnerabilities, keeping your institution secure.

Proactive Threat Identification

Detect early signs of compromise using up-to-date intelligence.

Automated Backup Analysis

Ensure thorough surveillance with systematic backup data scanning.

Insightful Threat Analysis

Gain actionable insights from threat intelligence scans to enhance security.

Proactive Threat Hunting for Malware-Free Recovery

Enhance your defenses with proactive Threat Hunting. Analyze historical data to identify breach points, understand attack scope, and ensure a malware-free recovery. Rubrik’s advanced scanning techniques ensure comprehensive malware detection and safe restoration.


Early Malware Detection

Identify malware across backup data to prevent future reinfection.


Recovery Point Assurance

Pinpoint clean recovery snapshots for malware-free restoration.


Full Malware Analysis

Utilize advanced scanning techniques to investigate for any signs of compromise

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