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Protect Your Data: Advanced Backup Solutions for Credit Unions & Community Banks. Discover Zero Trust Data Management with Rubrik.

Data Protection

Industry-Leading Solutions For Credit Unions & Community Banks

Protecting your data is essential for maintaining customer trust and complying with regulatory standards. At IMS Cloud Services, we specialize in delivering advanced backup and disaster recovery solutions tailored for Credit Unions and Community Banks.

Advanced Enterprise Data Protection for Community Banks and Credit Unions

In the digital era, protecting your data is a critical aspect of ensuring your enterprise’s resilience and operational continuity.

Our Data Protection services offer robust solutions like Rubrik that are tailored to meet the challenges of today’s complex data landscapes, from enterprise environments to the cloud and SaaS platforms, including M365.


Zero Trust Data Management

At the heart of modern Enterprise Data Protection strategies lies the concept of Zero Trust Data Management. This paradigm shifts away from traditional “trust but verify” models to a “never trust, always verify” stance.

Zero Trust Data Management assumes that threats can originate from anywhere, both outside and inside the network, requiring continuous verification of all access requests to data, regardless of their origin. This approach minimizes the attack surface and reduces the risk of data breaches by applying strict access controls and monitoring all data interactions.

Benefits of Data Protection for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments

Safeguard Community Bank and Credit Union enterprise data against cyber-attacks with air-gapped, immutable, and access-controlled backups, ensuring protection against cyber threats.


Comprehensive Data Security

Protect data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments with an immutable file system.


Prevent Encryption

Keep backups hidden from attackers, ensuring data cannot be encrypted.


Unified Protection

Ensure consistent protection across on-premises, multi-cloud, and SaaS environments.


Enhanced Data Recovery

Quickly locate and recover data, significantly reducing recovery time objectives (RTO).

Complete Cloud Data Protection for Financial Institutions

Unify data management across clouds with secure, access-controlled backups for Azure, AWS, and GCP applications. Our cloud solutions leverage the flexibility and economics of public cloud, protecting enterprise applications and facilitating quick test/dev instances.


Cost-Effective Data Management

Leverage cloud economics with low-cost storage and intelligent tiering.


Unified Protection and Visibility

Eliminate data silos and increase visibility across environments.


Mitigate Sensitive Data Risk

Combat ransomware with snapshots and encryption, enhancing resilience.


Cloud Archival and Recovery

Optimize costs with cloud archival solutions and ensure rapid recovery for outages.

Secure your data, wherever it lives, with Rubrik Security Cloud

Rubrik offers the leading secure primary backup solution in the industry with high quality, value, and customer satisfaction.


Keep Your Data Safe & Available

Secure your data from insider threats or ransomware with air-gapped, immutable, access-controlled backups.

Investigate Ransomware Impact

Continuously monitor and remediate data risks including ransomware, sensitive data exposure, and indicators of compromise.

Restore Business Operations Faster

Surgically recover your apps, files, or users while avoiding malware reinfection.

SaaS Data Protection Tailored for Community Banks and Credit Unions

Protect Mission-Critical Data: Secure your SaaS application data with our automated protection and rapid, reliable recovery services.

Comprehensive Data Risk Management:

  • Secure Backups: Utilize immutable, air-gapped, access-controlled solutions.
  • Fast Restores: Ensure business continuity with instant, reliable data recovery.

Unified Management and Visibility: Centralize oversight with an intuitive dashboard covering all SaaS workloads.

Avoid Business Disruption: Safeguard essential elements like emails, projects, and tasks in team-centric tools, maintaining operational integrity.

Leading Backup Solutions: Leverage Rubrik’s industry-leading technology for high-quality, secure backups, ensuring value and customer satisfaction.

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