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Robust Cyber Recovery for Financial Institutions

Safeguard Community Banking and Credit Union Operations with Advanced Threat Containment and Recovery Simulations

Cyber Recovery

Ensuring Resilience Against Digital Threats

In the digital battlefield, your defense against cyber threats matters. Our Cyber Recovery solutions offer robust threat containment and dynamic recovery simulations, ensuring your data remains secure and your operations resilient against any cyber adversity.

Active Threat Containment for Financial Institutions

In the digital age, the ability to quickly and safely recover data infected with malware is crucial. Our Threat Containment strategy focuses on isolating compromised snapshots to ensure a secure and efficient data recovery process, minimizing the risk of malware reintroduction during recovery operations.


Control Access to Your Data

Implement granular role-based access control to manage who can access quarantined data, preventing accidental exposure.


Prevent Malware Reinfection

Ensures the recovery of data, not the malware, by isolating infected data and preventing reintroduction into your environment.


Reduce Recovery Risk

By isolating infected snapshots, IMS Threat Containment significantly lowers the chance of malware reinfection, leading to safer recoveries and reduced downtime.


Quarantine Infected Data

Offers the capability to quarantine either an entire snapshot or individual files, enhancing the security of your recovery process.

Secure your data, wherever it lives,
with Rubrik Security Cloud

Rubrik offers the leading secure primary backup solution in the industry with high quality, value, and customer satisfaction.

Keep Your Data Safe & Available

Secure your data from insider threats or ransomware with air-gapped, immutable, access-controlled backups.

Investigate Ransomware Impact

Continuously monitor and remediate data risks including ransomware, sensitive data exposure, and indicators of compromise.

Restore Business Operations Faster

Surgically recover your apps, files, or users while avoiding malware reinfection.

Cyber Recovery Simulation for Financial Institutions

Our Cyber Recovery Simulation removes the uncertainty from the cyber recovery process. It improves cyber readiness and incident response capabilities by enabling the creation, testing, and validation of cyber recovery plans within isolated recovery environments.


  • Improve Cyber Readiness and Incident Response: Address operational complexities and test the effectiveness of cyber recovery plans to avoid data loss and minimize downtime during an attack
  • Test and Validate Cyber Recovery Plans: Regularly create, test, and validate your cyber recovery plans in isolated environments to ensure recovery objectives are met.
  • Prove the Success of Your Cyber Recovery Plans: Generate detailed performance reports to demonstrate the effectiveness of your cyber recovery strategies to auditors and insurers.
  • Assess Your Cyber Readiness Faster: Quickly investigate and analyze anomalous snapshots using preferred security tools in isolated environments, enhancing your readiness for potential cyber threats.

Key Components

Dive into the core of our Cyber Recovery Simulation with these key components designed to enhance your defensive posture and recovery speed.

Recovery Testing

Engage in cyber readiness assessments without negatively impacting production environments

Confident Recovery

Monitor and prove the effectiveness of your cyber recovery plans with on-demand performance reports

Cyber Recovery

Streamline and automate disaster recovery workflows through a unified interface, ensuring quick recovery

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